Round 1: Chance vs. Gucci

Winner: 🐯

Part I of the @venturabysmith Winter Collection is now available! (Click the link in my bio)

Pictured is the ‘Game Jersey’ - very proud of this product! Only made 1 of each size - grab yours at
@ashleydlt in the Heather Grey #Patagucci crew neck sweater 💜🌅
Very excited for my bro @dwhy’s project #YoungLovedHatedBroke! It drops next Tuesday, Nov. 19th make sure you check it out. Congrats to the bros @mattlmorris @thecleanestcorner @djetrayn @williammarple
My dog. @atrak
My best friend @jesusttw met his favorite DJ @atrak 😊
Ventura Theater Tonight! @superdupercrew #SuperDuper
B e a u t i f u l
About 2 years ago I bought a Tie Dye shirt from a local CVS that read “VENTURA” across the chest. About a year ago @superduperkyle found it in my closet and decided it was his, since then he has worn it in numerous YouTube videos and Instagram pics etc. and everyone always comments asking about where he got it or when he’s gonna start selling it. Since CVS ran out we decided to do it ourselves…

KYLE x @venturabysmith 

Available now!